W2P4U Order System


Superior System and Service
The W2P4U CardPack Order System options are tailored to the needs
of each customer – which is particularly relevant for global corporate
customers with a variety of locations, divisions, and even languages.
This effort is managed through a cooperative effort between W2P4U
headquarters and the Distributor.

With alternative online ordering systems available, W2P4U must offer
a superior experience and a new level of efficiency. Based on the
growth of our global customer base, we are confident that we have



Simplify the Process
To launch a new customer relationship, you just have to set-up your
Customer’s graphic profile, specifying art work, fonts, text size and
layout specifications – taking into account the Customer’s corporate
branding guidelines. First you provide the Customer with a general
proof for approval. Then you print out a color proof for customer
approval. Then the customer is ready to order.

Once the system is set-up, each employee inserts an access code,
plugs in his/her relevant information, proofreads online, then clicks

Any relevant supervisor can receive a notice to proofread the
business card and, if correct, to provide approval to print.

The print order is received directly by W2P4U headquarters, with
a copy sent to the Distributor, and is printed and shipped to the
Distributor within 48 hours – to all major cities around the world.
The Distributor then repackages the order and sends it to the

Re-orders by someone already in the system can be done in as few
as three mouse-clicks.

It is that simple! The W2P4U CardPack Order System saves valuable
time and effort!


Provide Unsurpassed Benefits
Key benefits of the web-based W2P4U CardPack Order System include:

Provides Customers with an easy-to-use,
    state-of-the-art online system
 Streamlines ordering/reordering procedures
Ensures graphic/production consistency of brand
Saves time
Controls costs
Enables online proof-reading and instant submission of new orders
Submits reorders in as few as three mouse-clicks
Gives the buyer a purchase history for future
    planning and budgeting



The W2P way

A short movie of the ordering system