The Card Pack


Booklets of Business Cards
The W2P4U CardPack business cards are produced in neatly-bound
booklets of 25 cards, easily detached for presenting, thanks to W2P4U’s
patent pending, clean-cut perforation that leaves a smooth edge every
time. The rigid cover protects the cards from dirt and damage, while
displaying the face of the cards, as well as the number of cards left,
at a glance.


An icebreacker at meeting
25 business cards per booklet
Professional presentation
Superior print quality and consistency throughout the organization
Booklets may be distributed in strategic places where cards are
    needed: desk, car, briefcase, golf bag, home-based office, gym
    locker, purse, pocket, etc.
No more wasted, wrinkled or dirty business cards


Consistent Branding
Maintaining the branding when producing business cards in many
geographic locations – one of the greatest corporate challenges of
all times – has been solved by the W2P4U CardPack! By providing the
print-ready graphics to their W2P4U CardPack Distributor, a customer
ensures that everyone slated to receive business cards will receive
the same graphics, content template, paper color and quality, etc.



Fine Packaging
Shipment of W2P4U CardPack orders must be quick, careful and
charismatic, which is why the Company packages the booklets in
aluminum boxes, printed with the Distributor’s logo. The quality
packaging gives card recipients the feeling they are receiving a
gift – something special. There is no need for additional packaging
materials to ensure that business cards will not be damaged during
shipment to customers…and the boxes are ideal to recycle for office
and home use.


Good Business
The aesthetic appeal of the booklets makes an instant impression,
distinguishing W2P4U CardPack cardholders from the crowd. But
beyond their presentation, the business model behind W2P4U
CardPacks is clever for Distributors and their Customers:

Simplify and streamline business card purchases
    for large companies and organizations
Accomplish everything online:
    content input, approvals and ordering
Save time and money