Become a Distributor


Join the W2P4U Team
Selected for their professionalism and proven ability to serve the needs
of large corporate clients, our team of Distributors manage the global
sale and distribution of the patent-pending W2P4U CardPack business cards.

Particularly if your customers include large, multi-campus or multi-national companies that issue business cards to their employees, in different languages, contact us to find out how you can join our distinguished global team of W2P4U CardPack Distributors.


New Product for Old Customers or a New Product to gain new Customers
Fourtune 500 companies have chosen W2P4U CardPack, not only because of the visual and aesthetic appeal of the booklets, but because of the way the ordering system streamlines procedures online, ensures graphic consistency, and saves them both time and money. By introducing W2P4U CardPack to your customers, you will be doing them a favor, while initiating a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.


Increase Your Profits
The W2P4U business model relies upon hassle-free ordering – both for your
customer and for you! After the initial set-up is tailored to the customer’s
specifications, the system does the work; you receive the final order
printed, with your logo on the booklets and packaging…and you just have
to ship the order to your customer and send an invoice for the whole


Here’s How it Works
You secure customers for W2P4U CardPack business cards and negotiate
your prices.

You set-up the Customer’s graphic profile, specifying art work, fonts,
text size and layout specifications – taking into account the Customer’s
corporate branding guidelines. You also provide the Customer with
usernames and passwords.

The Customer approves the graphic profile.
You send the Customer a print of the color proof for approval.
The Customer approves the color proof and is then able to use the

The Customer’s employees order cards completely independently, the
whole process taking only a matter of minutes…Reorders can be done in
as few as three mouse-clicks!
Orders are received directly at W2P4U headquarters (with a copy to you)…
printed, bound and packaged in aluminum boxes – branded with YOUR
logo – and sent to you by overnight mail the next working day
You receive the package (often with orders from various customers),
repackage the orders and send them by overnight mail to your
customer…all this within 36 to 48 hours!!!
You invoice your Customers directly, profiting on all orders, even when
your only involvement following the sale is distribution!


Consistent Quality
The brilliance of the W2P4U CardPack system is that it is a streamlined
system ensuring uniformity and high-quality graphics per specs, speed.